Timken Ap Bearings Industrial Applications

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The narrow adapter shown in  can be used in many applications. Another type of mounting utilizes a full bore housing . While this type of housing is currently unavailable through Timken, most bearing distributors provide a selection from other manufactuerers. • The bearing assembly is pressed on the axle as a completely sealed unit. The axle end cap, cap screws and locking plate Fig. 1 3D illustration of AP bearing Vent Narrow Adapter Backing Ring Locking Plate Cap Screws Basic Bearing Assembly (with seals and seal wear ring) Axle End Cap can be applied to the axle as a unit. When the axle end cap, as shown in Fig. 1 is used, the locking plate provided locks the cap screws. • The recessed end cap, not shown, reduces the overall bearing assembly width. A piece of soft wire is required to lock the drilled cap screw heads. A backing spacer can be used in place of a backing ring.

HM129848 -90142 Timken AP Bearings Assembly

0.3 mm 360 N
1 (Single) 18500 r/min

HM127446 -90120 AP Bearings for Industrial Application

3443 r/min 18
70 mm 72 mm

HM124646 -90086 Timken Ap Bearings Industrial Applications

HK1210D 0.0046 kg
8.89 Hz 8 Hz

HM120848 -90080 APTM Bearings for Industrial Applications

18 mm GE 35 SX
0,268072872 Kg 1 mm

Backing ring K95200-90010 Tapered Roller Bearings Assembly

100 mm 29 kN
55x100x21 0,63 Kg

Backing ring K147766-90010 AP Integrated Bearing Assemblies

1630000 N / Static l 2,98
283 mm 125x300x102

Backing ring K85516-90010 Integrated Assembly Caps

1060 N / Static load 19
FAG 0,3 mm

Backing ring K85095-90010 compact tapered roller bearing units

45 mm USPG209
M6x1 106 mm

Backing ring K85525-90010 AP TM ROLLER BEARINGS SERVICE

25x52x15 6205-2RS1
MPZ 15

Backing ring K85588-90010 Timken AP Bearings Assembly

585 kN 140
178 mm 50

Backing ring K86874-90010 AP Bearings for Industrial Application

1.880 kg 149,000 N
2 mm Cylindrical Bore

H337846 - 90270 Timken Ap Bearings Industrial Applications

150 mm Kevlar Packing Seal
420 mm 354 mm